Once upon a time...

From Padua to you

Every good and honest thing begins with the heart and has a determined face. Ours is the face of Gino Vescovi, a 12-year-old boy from Padua who was forced to move to France to work as a bricklayer and support his large family. His time in France was filled with hardships and privations that taught young Gino much and shaped his character filled with determination and a strong work ethic. It was these qualities that led him, upon his return to Padua, to embark on a new adventure: opening a café where he experimented with different scents, techniques and flavours.
His greatest wish after so many years of service was to be able to proudly say that he was the creator of something great, important and, above all, his own.

For young Gino, this step opened up a new world. Through painstaking research he worked to create a perfect and unique blend of coffee, so fragrant that it would amaze anyone who visited his small shop in Vicolo Dotto, the heart of Padua. This passion soon led to amazing results: Gino created Grani d'Oro, a blend that he considered a great part of himself and which was awarded the Grand Prix and Gold Medal at the 1933 International Exhibition in London. Then in 1960, the small successful company Vescovi moved to a futuristic factory on Via Vicenza, a short walk from the city centre.

Our Code of Conduct

Achieving excellence means keeping up with what is happening in the world we live in. We have great respect for the people and environments involved in every stage of production and work in sustainable contexts that stand behind transparent codes of ethics.

Continuation of tradition

Gino Vescovi's vision was and is kept as authentic as possible by his successors. Drawing on the experience gained over more than ninety years in business, we create blends with care and love, combining artisanal processes handed down from father to son with the latest production techniques and with an eye on the future and sustainability. Creativity and sophistication come together in what we consider true art. Thanks to the careful selection of the most prized Arabicas and the deep knowledge of our people, the result is a great coffee.

Our philosophy

To produce excellent coffee, it's not enough to roast it properly: every aspect of the process of creating our most precious possession must be carefully controlled, from the beans harvested on the plantation to the cup on your table. This is the true art, and one that we've been passionate about since our founding. Each of our beans carries an extraordinary sensory richness, allowing the best baristas to offer their customers an exceptional coffee. No detail can be left to chance when it comes to extracting an outstanding espresso.

The outstanding quality of Vescovi blends is unique thanks to our careful selection of the best coffee plantations. The finest coffees are selected and purchased locally in the countries of origin.

Our golden Grani d'Oro blend is made predominantly from rare coffee varieties, some of which are certified as specialty, or rather unique botanical varieties that come from a specific production area of the world. It is a defect-free coffee whose distinctive personality is revealed in the cup.